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Industry calls for Urgent action on NRCS concerns

Amid escalating concerns around the actions of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), the issue is now set to be taken up by the Nedlac Forum. According to industry calculations an average stop by the NRCS of between three to five days carries a cost of more than R18 000. A fine line existed between protecting South Africa against illicit and unsafe products and introducing a non-tariff barrier to trade by pushing up import costs through lengthy container stops.

The complex compliance requirements of the NRCS and the processes and procedures in place were quite simply a hindrance to trade.

The organisation, which has been brought before Parliament, continues to randomly target containers entering the country, often resulting in long delays in the release of containers. Rob Davies expressed concern that industry was merely acting from a commercial point of view and not considering the safety implications.

Goods confiscated from the ports of entry as well as from several suppliers were destroyed.